About Us


The Agents is a real estate company based in Melbourne dealing in Residential, Commercial, Acreage, Development and Owner's Corporation. The Agents work towards giving each one of their clients their best home or a creative space for their dream projects. It was 2018. Mitin Arora and Ezaz Ahamad, two real estate professionals and later, the founders of the company, decided to come together and set up a real estate company. Although the resources were limited, enthusiasm was aplenty. It was this drive to succeed; along with a combined 15 years of real estate experience between the two, 'The Agents' was birthed in the winter of 2018. Within six months, the two stalwarts built a strong network of clients and properties and today ‘The Agents’ operate from a state-of-the-art office in Melbourne West. A core team of 17 people with many more trooping in, The Agents is expanding and there’s only one goal: ‘Help people find their dream home!’

Our Mission

With a lot of noise in the real estate market, what makes us stand out is the commitment to being the trusting force in the industry. And that is the sole mission of the company. A lot of companies more often than not merely pay lip service to being honest and transparent with their clients, however, as Mitin, one of the founder of The Agents, says, “The Agents take on a role of almost being a guardian to our clients, helping them every step of the way without ulterior motives.” Building trust and credibility does not happen overnight and The Agents relentlessly work towards it

Our Vibe

We are enriched with multi-profession collaboration. The team has prior experience in the fields of hospitality, IT, sales, make-up industry and political science amongst others. Everybody has brought a unique set of skill to the table, hence bringing a wide-spectrum approach towards problem-solving. This has taken away the "salesy" aptitude and brought in a "people" attitude, which has helped nurture relationships with our clients. We support collaborative behaviour and celebrate all cultures. Being a part of the community is an important aspect of being "The Agent" and our tribe reflects our vibe!

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